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Why Canada

Why Canada ?

                     Canada has earned the position of one of the best countries to start a new and better life. This country offers a bright future for you and your family. MGR immigration feels it's important for you to learn about Canada, so you can go to great lengths to achieve what you long for the most, a better future. Through this section you will get a better perception of why Canada is constantly ranked one the top immigration destinations in the world!




❏    Canada is a colourful country with many religions and cultures living in harmony​

❏    Home to over 30 ethnic communities with 100,000+ people, and 11 that have a million or more             people.

❏    Known for its unique approach to multiculturalism and is a key part of Canadian identity

❏    One of the highest immigration rates among other countries



World Class Education

➢     In Canada your family will receive education from one of the world’s finest education systems

➢     One of the most educated countries, with a literacy rate of 99%

➢     Home to some of the top universities in the world

➢     Amazing job opportunities

➢     Public schooling is absolutely free



Stable Economy


★     10th largest economy in the world, with an output of 1.6 trillion or $48,100 per capita

★    Wealth of natural resources

★    Extremely stable banks, hasn’t had a bank failure since 1993

★    High employment levels

★    According to Statistics Canada, Canada’s economy heavily service-oriented, with 78.9% of Canadians working in a service-related job

Amazing Benefits


➔     Beautiful Country has some of the most attractive tourist sights in the world (Niagara Falls, CN Tower)

➔     Free public healthcare

➔     With a Canadian passport you hold a ticket entry to most of the countries in the world

➔     Affordable living

➔     Low taxes

➔     Stable and democratic political system

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