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Tourist & Visitor Visa

Every year many people come to Canada as tourists or temporary visitors because Canada is a wonderful place to explore. To visit Canada, you will need to get a visitor visa depending on the country you are coming from, as citizens of some countries just need ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and are exempt from visitor visa.

People who wish to visit Canada must meet all of the requirement under this program:

  • must have a valid passport or travel document

  • must be in good health

  • must prove their admissibility to Canada on criminality basis

  • must be able to show that they possess enough financial resources to support their trip to Canada

  • must be able to satisfy an Immigration office that they will leave Canada at the end of their visit

  • must be able to show a realistic travel plan

  • if they have any family or friends they can issue an invitation letter

Book an appointment TODAY to speak to an Immigration professional to get answers to all your questions.

Tourist & Visitor Visa
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